Independent Audit & Due Diligence


PLTMS has extensive experience in the area of independent organizational audits.  These audits serve to evaluate an organization’s products, processes, organizational constructs, technology positions, and program  performance.  These audits identify the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, process maturities, and subsequent areas of risk.  These audits are essential elements that support:


          ·     Mergers and acquisition due-diligence assessments

          ·     Market position and growth potential evaluations

          ·     Process implementation and maturity measurements


What We Can Deliver To Your Organization

·        Due-diligence reviews of acquisition candidates

·        Targets for organizational performance improvements

·        Evaluation of research and development investment strategies

·        Preparation for ISO and CMMI certification

·        Project Management maturity assessments IAW PMI OPM3 criteria


·        Assessments can support independent evaluations of:

o    Program cost and schedule performance

o    Programmatic/technical and contractual risks

o    Market / Product positioning strategies

o    Award / Sales projections

o    Post-acquisition integration strategies

o    Process deployment strategies and maturities

Our Experience

      ·     Part of Senior Management Team conducting:

        o    Dozens of Merger & Acquisition evaluations

        o    Formal due diligence evaluations for >$800M of acquisitions

        o    Post-acquisition integration of firms of 100 to 300 employees

    o    Deployment of organization wide Strategic Planning process
    o    Process deployment and maturity evaluations  leading towards the 
          successful achievement of NYS Excelsior Award